Weapon (as the name suggests) is an equipment item, which players use to deal damage. Weapons come with great variation, of which some weapons fit some builds better than others.

Chinese WeaponsEdit


Glaive is a Strenght-based weapon for Chinese characters. It uses the Heuksal skill tree for it's moves. It's base critical rate is 2, and maximum is 14, which equals the bow's critical hit rate. Glaive also has a slightly better physical attack stat, than it's counter-part, spear.

Koon SpearEdit

Spear is an Intelligence-based weapon, which is used mostly by nukers. Like glaive, spear also uses the Heuksal skill tree for it's moves. Spear's base critical is 4, which is twice as much as glaive's. Spear's maximum critical hit rate is 16. Opposite to a glaive, spear has a better magical attack stat.


Blade, like glaive, is a Strenght-based weapon. Blade uses the Bicheon skill tree for it's moves. Blade's base critical is 1, which is the worst of all the weapons in the game, although European magical weapons (Warlock rod, Cleric rod & Staff) can not make a critical hit, they still have 2 critical written in their stats. Pure Strenght builds using a blade along with a shield are excellent tanks.


The opposite to blade, sword is and Intelligence-based weapon for nukers, who want decent damage along with better protection. Sword's base critical rate is 3, and maximum is 15. Sword uses the Bicheon skill tree. Like spear, sword has better magical attack stat than blade.

Bow of sex

Bow is the designated ranged weapon used by Chinese characters. Bow uses the Pacheon skill tree for it's skills. Bow requires arrows as ammunition. Like stated earlier, bow shares the same base critical hit rate with glaive, which is 2. Bow is suitable for players that require range, and is the most effective when used with Cold imbue.

Shield (Chinese)Edit

As not basically a weapon, but a defensive tool, shield sharply increases both physical defense and magical defense alike. Shield can only be used with one-handed weapons (blade & sword). Shield has a block rate instead of a critical rate, and it's base block rate is 10, with a maximum of 20.

European weaponsEdit

Warrior weaponsEdit

One-handed SwordEdit

Warrior's oned sword is the slowest weapon in-game.

Rogue WeaponsEdit

Mage WeaponsEdit

Two-Handed StaffEdit

The two-handed staff is used by the wizard class. The damage type is magic and allows the wizard to cast elemental based spells.huj

Dark StaffEdit

Bard/Cleric WeaponsEdit


The harp is a musical instrument that allows a character to use the active spells of a bard. The damage category for a harp is magical. Harps have a faster attack speed than most magical based weapons.

Cleric RodEdit