At level 20 you get the opportunity to choose a job, one of which is a trader (or merchant). The price to join the trader union is 10,000 gold. It is possible to start training as a trader at level 20, though it is probably better to wait until you get stronger (so you can handle the monsters). Trading is a good job to have, and if you're succesful you can make huge profits. Make sure you can handle going by yourself by trading in an area with low level monsters or low thief activity. the lower star trade you go, the easier it will be to finish. Also note that in a one star trade you cannot get attacked by real-player thieves, just the NPC ones. A recomended level to be a trader would be about lvl 30 because european trips/trades take longer and there are stronger lvl monsters. NPC thieves also vary due to the amount of goods you have - the less goods you have, the less NPC thieves there will be.But recomended way for traders is from Jagan to Downhang because the monsters there are low level and it is a shorter way from the others. Trader should do this way from lvl 20 and to start from Downhang because there is the hight level in this road. September 1, 2011 (UTC)