The Thief's job is to kill Traders and steal their goods. When they kill a trader, they will need to kill ther transport and then to put the goods on their transport. By selling these in the thief city/camp, a thief can make money. The enemy of the thief is the hunter, because they protect the traders and kill thiefs. It is recommended to become a thief around lv 70+, since almost every hunter is 70+. It is also recommended to work in a group, since a five-star-trade mostly brings a lot of hunters.

How to become a thief?

You can become a thief by going to Yumi at barrom street in Jangan. You do need to be lvl 20 or higher. Becoming a thief at lvl 20 is not recommendable since you'll get killed very easily. You will need to buy a thief suit and talk to the NPC's in Thief town, and then you are a thief.

Silkroad jobs
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Here is a thief screen: