Merchants are NPC's(Non-player-character) who sell items and equipment. They also sell transports and pets. You can find merchants in most of the towns. They sell only basis equipment and weapons (so no stat+), and they only have weapons with a gap of 8 lvl's between them.

Here are the merchants of Jangan: Thanks to Warforge

Blacksmith Chulsan

number: 20 Blacksmith’s shop Blacksmith of Jangan. Chulsan sells various weapons and shields, and repairs the equipments. He is the most famous artisan and extraordinary man who likes drinking.

Armor trader Mrs Jang

number: 21

Protector shop Woman who sells the protector in Jangan. She lives lonely after her father died in the course of crossing the Silk Road. She is the famous shop’s owner.

Herbalist Yangyun

number: 16

Potion shop He sells various potions, herbs and liquors. He is the general old man and reticent.

Grocery trader Jinjin

number: 17

General goods shop She sells various accessories and tools. She is jokester and likes the interference. But she cares for the young brother and children without parents.

Stable-keeper Machun

number: 22

Stable He keeps the large stable in Jangan. He likes to be with the horses. He seems to be mean-spirited and naturally pure.

Trade shop Jodaesan

number: 18

Specialties shop He sells all specialties brought into Jangan exclusively. He is the calculating character and not a miser. She is skillful in judging the value of the goods and is confided by the merchants.


Sansan number: 19

Storehouse She has pure heart and is cheerful. She relies on Wangu with all her heart.

Storekeeper Wangu

number: 19

Storehouse Paedo keeps the goods of the users in Jangan. He resembles Sansan in Donwhang. But nobody knows the relation between both.

Hunter guild

Gwakwi number: 6

Hunter guild Manage the hunters in Jangan. He is the manager of the hunter guild

Merchant guild

Leegun number: 18

Specialties shop Manage the merchant in Jangan. He is the manager of the merchant guild

Gisaeng Yumi

number: 28

Barroom street She was an orphan and entered the red-light district to survive by herself. She colludes with the bandit group and can enter the bandit town.