Level 1
Amount of Health 54
Passive/Aggressive Passive
Defense type General
Offence type Non-Preemptive
Offence method Melee
Region China
Mangyang Map
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Doll that Mr. Sa of Jangan made to curse the Wijeong instead of the palace. It has been created as the ghost with the devil spirit. It attacks the human indiscriminately with the large cleaver.

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Mangyangs can be found in the fields just south and west of Jangan. They are mainly killed by new characters to gain their first levels. Mangyangs are also loved by high level players because of their weak defense. High level players can measure their most powerful hit, resulting in damage that can exceed over 1,000,000 points.

Drops Edit

  • Gold
  • Level 1 armor parts
  • Level 1 accessory
  • Sassi Charm, Broken Clever and Straw. From these items elements can be obtained, by using void rondos on the items.
  • Strong Straw (QI)

(QI) - Quest Item


Inventory Expansion 1