Garments are well-known for their high magic defense rate. Garment is very useful while fightning enemies that uses magical attacks. However, Garments have a very low physical defense rate. This makes a person wearing armour very vulnerable against physical attacks. Because of the light weight, players' speed increase with 6m. Because of the high magic defense, garments have 20% MP reduce.

Full Strength (full STR) characters often wear garment, because of their relatively low defence against magical attacks. So Garment gives that extra magical defense, Full STR characters need. And also Full STR players don't have much MP, so the 20% MP reduce received from Garment is also very useful for full STR players.

Advantages vs DisadvantagesEdit

  • 6m speed increase
  • 20% MP reduce
  • High magical defense rate
  • Low physical defense rate